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Safety Madness Champions

2020 Seatbelt
2019 Seatbelt
2018 Seatbelt
2017 Designated Driver
2016 Designated Driver


Meet the Field:

Move Over- Law Enforcement Officers and other citizens pulled on the side of the road need to be given a lane to ensure their safety.

Seatbelt- When properly used, it's the first line of safety and can hold you in the car in the event of a crash.

Look Twice- Motorcyclists, pedestrians, deer, or other hazards are everywhere! Always look twice to avoid any injuries.

Helmet- Motorcyclists, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts know helmets protect their head in a crash.

Obey Speed Limits- Driving too fast for conditions is a major contributing factor to crashes in Kansas.

Airbag- Designed to work with the seatbelt, an airbag is the second line of defense of keeping everyone safe in a car.

Designated Driver- 20% of all fatal crashes in Kansas involved an impaired driver. Designate a sober driver to get home safely.

Car Seat- With the important job of keeping children safe, car seats work by keeping kids secure in a crash.

Ditch Distractions- Multitasking is a myth. Concentrate on driving when you're behind the wheel.

Booster Seat- For the kids who are too big for a car seat harness, boosters literally BOOST a kid to fit the seatbelt.

Work Zone- Road side workers are at risk, be sure to obey work zone speed limits and move over to give them room to work.

Safety Vest- Roadside workers, motorcyclists and pedestrians make themselves seen by vehicles by wearing a safety vest.

Road Signs- All road signs are there to keep Kansas drivers safe. Pay attention to signs and follow the directions.

Headlight- In addition to helping drivers see when it’s dark, headlights should be used in the rain to help other drivers see you.

Drive Alert- Drowsy driving is a serious concern for many drivers. Make sure to drive alert.

Blinker- Using this indicator allows other drivers to know your intentions for turning and/or switching lanes.

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