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SAFE (Seatbelts Are For Everyone)

SAFE is a teen-run, peer-to-peer program focusing on increasing teen restraint compliance through education, positive rewards and enforcement. It is designed to bring awareness to the importance of wearing a seatbelt, therefore reducing the number of motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among Kansas teens.

The goal of SAFE is to increase seatbelt use among students while providing strong traffic safety messages throughout the school year.


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Keeping Up with SAFE

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SAFE Funding

Senate Bill 89 was passed during the spring 2017 legislative session. It established the seatbelt safety fund. This fund will provide money to be used for child/teen traffic safety education and is administered by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

SAFE funding is distributed annually to programs across the state under the agreement that all observational surveys and expense account paperwork will be completed and submitted to the state coordinator.

Allowable expenses include VISA/gift cards and/or other monthly SAFE prizes that will be awarded after signed pledge cards are drawn, educational activity supplies, speaker fees and general operation expenses for the SAFE program.
Contact safeks@dccca.org or 785-430-4023 for additional clarification.

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