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Lilah Serrer
Madison High School

Nominated by: Martie Helm

Lilah, as President of our National Honor Society Chapter, is also helping to head up our SAFE program. I look to Lilah for assistance in organizing our seatbelt check teams, because of her dependability, leadership, and outgoing personality.


Bethany Plake
McLouth High School

Nominated by Nicole Hinrichsen

Bethany goes above and beyond to ensure that SAFE activities are followed through. She is the first one to volunteer to do surveys. Most importantly she is a constant advocate for SAFE not only in her words but her actions. Bethany is involved in many activities but chooses to put SAFE at the top of her priority list and McLouth is grateful to have such a motivated and caring individual on our SAFE team.



Andrea Wilson
Northern Heights High School

Nominated by: Misty DeDonder

Andie Wilson worked hard to complete a mock crash and a mock funeral. She has been in charge of the SAFE program with another FCCLA student, Emily Gilbert. They have been in charge of ensuring kids are aware of the importance of seatbelt safety along with other aspects of distracted driving. Andie and Emily also attended the KTSA workshop in Topeka and shared information with their schoolmates. They also took an FCCLA National Program STAR event to FCCLA district competition and qualified for state in April with their work through the SAFE program.



Vincent Palen
Beloit Jr./Sr. High School

Nominated by: Stephanie Litton

Vincent has been instrumental member in Beloit's SAFE program since its origination. He volunteers for every benchmark and championed adding the SAFE logo to the school's athletic programs. Vincent suggested and participated in the planning/presenting of Booster Rooster at Beloit Elementary for 4 consecutive years. He is a valuable role model to our school community.


Jadyn Meyer
Frontenac High School

Nominated by Anni Beasley

As a member of the SAFE team for the last two years, Jadyn Meyer has consistently proven her leadership skills. As the president of the Frontenac High School SAFE team this year, Jadyn has taken it upon herself to ensure that activities and events run smoothly. She has also been the only student to work on preparing items for student events at times. I would like to thank Jadyn for her hard work and dedication, and feel she is very deserving of the SAFE Student of the Month Award. 


Kaitlyn Geeting
Riverside High School

Nominated by Jim Cera

Kaitlyn has been a very strong, vocal leader in our SADD group since the beginning. She has been an advocate for the SAFE and Booster Rooster programs conducting seatbelt surveys, educational opportunities and contests for K-12 grades as well as leading our RESIST and DARE efforts with the other leaders. She has stood up before city council and encouraged her peers to do the same when we made presentations and communicated with law enforcement and state representatives when addressing policies. She has been a great help all around working with her peers and the entire student body taking charge to lead and implement change. 



Garett Hinz
Remington High School

Nominated by: Jodi Janzen

Garett Hinz has been the president of our school group called YAACL (Young Adults Advisory Council to the Library) last year when we added SAFE and again this year. Since adding SAFE to our group, Garett has been a terrific role model to all students by sharing information about traffic safety and encouraging all students to wear their seatbelts. He would like to eventually be a police officer after graduation, so being involved in SAFE is a great way to gain experience in traffic safety.



Chloe Gariglietti
Frontenac High School

Nominated by: Anni Beasley

Chloe has exemplified what it means to be a leader. As the SAFE President this year, she has taken charge to organize events, and make sure all members are in attendance. She is always the first one to volunteer to help out with anything. She also has continually been the first one at school early in the morning with clipboards and vests ready to go for counts. Chloe has been an incredible asset to the SAFE team.


Brionney Bocanegra
Wichita County High School

Nominated by: Kristopher T. Casper

Brionney is the leader of the SAFE program for the kids at school. She has helped organize events for kids at her school and is just a pretty good kid all around.


Trenton Gordine
McLouth High School

Nominated by: Nicole Hinrichsen

Trenton is always the first one to volunteer to help with things. He is a very quiet in the background kind of guy yet willing to assist wherever is needed. He has been on the SAFE team for two years now and also served as a volunteer crossing guard which shows his dedication to other's safety.


Hannah Ballard (SAFE Student of the Year)
Madison High School

Nominated by: Martie Helm

Hannah is a senior member of our SAFE team which is comprised of members of our National Honor Society. Hannah is a leader in our school and community and can always be counted on to get the job done. Hannah has assisted with SAFE seatbelt checks, monthly education, prizes, pledges, and always leads by example. Hannah is also helping to get a school zone and signs installed outside of our school. I constantly hear her encouraging her peers to buckle up and be SAFE.


Bailey Coon
Wabaunsee High School

Nominated by: Marilyn Workman

Bailey organized SAFE members to go to our two elementary schools and talk about the importance of wearing your seatbelt. She designed the PowerPoint, planned the times to deliver the message, organized the members to present to each classroom and planned the handouts for the students! She spent a lot of her time outside of the regular school day to do this. The students will receive a prize when they bring their seatbelt chart back showing they wore their seatbelt each time they got into the car!


Darryl Rylant
Clearwater High School

Nominated by: Jack Pawloski

This student is very respectful, makes people enjoy their day and is all about safety. Darryl has been working with traffic safety for 6 years and this student is the reason our school is lock down on seatbelts.


Shiane Wondra
Meade High School

Nominated by: Wadona Henson

I believe Shiane deserves student of the month because she lived the tale in June 2018, and now she spends her time traveling and telling others about why people should put the phone down. Shiane was a lucky one and was wearing her seat belt, though incorrectly, but it saved her life. Shiane is a bright girl whose message is a good one.


Chantel Shaw
Pleasanton High School

Nominated by: Mitch Shaw

Chantel has helped restart our charter here in USD 344 the past four years. She has been an officer for three years. She has testified in front of both the house and senate sub committees to promote seat belt safety and increase fines for not wearing safety belts. She is a living example of how seat belts can save your life. She would not be here after January 3rd, 2017 if she had not decided to buckle up after school that day. She is a top academic student. She has been the drum major of the band for three years. She has been active in STUCO for three years and co-wrote the script for the SAFE crash simulation that was coordinated and performed with all Linn county agencies for an all school assembly. She has also helped present at the SAFE conference in Wichita, KS.



Mable Mestagh (SAFE Student of the Year)
McLouth High School

Nominated by: Nicole Hinrichsen

Mable has been on the SAFE team now for two years and this year took SAFE to a new level by increasing its membership, implementing new ideas, and serving as the committee head for SAFE. She is only a part time student this semester but changed her schedule around so she could still work on SAFE items each day. She schedules meetings, writes out agendas, has put together a Kahoot! game for the student body and done a lot of background work on the grim reaper. She is our main contact between law enforcement, DCCCA, and administration. Mable created the application process that we use now for SAFE members and encouraged students to apply at the end of the 16-17 year so our team was ready to hit the ground running in August of 2017. We went from five to eleven members because of Mable's efforts. She attended the KDOT Transportation Safety Conference in 2017 where she brought back several ideas for the chapter including bulletin board displays, the grim reaper, and assembly activities. As committee head she was the face of our SAFE team she entered all our survey data. Mable is very responsible and kept me on track with meetings, emails, and had a schedule for our monthly prize drawings. I was very impressed with her intrinsic initiative to see the SAFE team grow in McLouth this year. Even though she won't be with us next year because she is graduating, she still oversaw the application process for next year and did some training to juniors so we can continue to impact our school with the SAFE message.


Georgette Lugo Olguin
Washington High School

Nominated by: Bernadette Bayless-Rios

Georgette takes great pride in participating in the SAFE program for our school. Always the first one to volunteer for any assignment, Georgette advocates for seat belt safety throughout Washington High School. She encourages others to always wear their seat belts and to stay off their phones while driving. Georgette continues to exemplify what SAFE is.


Grace Needham
Blue Valley North High School

Nominated by: Emma Brunner

Grace Needham exemplifies the qualities that drivers of all ages need to have. Not only does she keep her phone out of sight, she also turns down the radio and always keeps her focus on the road. She's that driver that always does a seatbelt check when the car is still in park whether she's driving or not. Grace encourages me to be the best driver that I can be and leave all distractions behind. Overall, she represents what SAFE stands for.


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