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SAFE Scholarship Form

Students who are in their senior year at a Kansas high school may apply to compete in SAFE Speaks.

Each SAFE student who participates in the scholarship competition is expected to prepare a presentation 5-8 minutes long on a topic related to driving safely. Visual aids are appreciated, but not required. Remember to use the terms "crash" or "wreck" rather than "accident" in your talk. Personal stories of how a crash has affected you or your community are encouraged. We want to see you present with passion!

Presentations will be judged on:

  • Content (Was your information accurate, relevant, and well researched?)

  • Delivery (Was your vocal volume and tone, gestures, and appearance appropriate?)

  • Language (Did you use words and phrases that the general public would understand?)

  • Responses (How well do you answer follow-up questions posed by the panel of judges?)

When you sign up, you choose a time to speak via Zoom to a panel of judges, who will pose relevant traffic safety questions immediately following the presentation.

Five winners will be selected to receive scholarships. 

A Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office representative will visit the schools of the winning students, who will also be recognized at the Kansas Teen Transportation Safety Conference.



Sign up by clicking this link

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