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SAFE Scholarship Form

Students who are in their senior year at a Kansas high school may sign up to compete in SAFE Speaks. 

Each SAFE student who participates in the scholarship competition is expected to prepare a presentation 5-7 minutes long on a topic related to driving safely. Visual aids are appreciated, but not required. Remember to use the terms "crash" or "wreck" rather than "accident" in your talk. Personal stories of how a crash has affected you or your community are encouraged. We want to see you present with passion!

Presentations will be judged on:

  • Content (Was your information accurate, relevant, and well researched?)

  • Delivery (Was your vocal volume and tone, gestures, and appearance appropriate?)

  • Language (Did you use words and phrases that the general public would understand?)

  • Responses (How well do you answer follow-up questions posed by the panel of judges?)

When you sign up, you choose a time to speak via Zoom to a panel of judges, who will pose relevant traffic safety questions immediately following the presentation. If you are using slides, please email them by Oct. 9 to Lori Moriarty at lmoriarty@dccca.org. 

Five winners will be selected to receive scholarships and give their presentations at the Kansas Teen Transportation Safety Conference.

You must be signed up by Oct. 1 to participate.

Sign up by clicking this link

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