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SAFE Educational Activities

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Miss Kansas

The Miss Kansas Organization and the Kansas Department of Transportation have partnered to keep Kansas roads safe.

Miss Kansas 2021 Taylor Clark is available to give a live or virtual presentation to SAFE schools on traffic safety issues.

Presentations will last approximately 45-60 minutes.

If you would like Miss Kansas to come to your school, please register here.

Number of presentations are limited and will be set up on a first come basis and is subject to Miss Kansas' schedule.

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Best printed on legal (8 1/2" x 14") paper

SAFE Activity Ideas

Chalk it Up!

Booster to Belts

KaHoot Challenge

ThinkFast Interactive

Kansas Highway Patrol Rollover Demonstrator

Kansas Highway Patrol Seatbelt Convincer

The S.E.A.T. (Safer Education About Traveling) Program

Social Media Messages

Traffic Safety Parade Floats

Mock Trial Script

SAFE Traffic Citation

Traffic Safety Posters

Mock Crash

Game Day Reminders

Halloween Glow Bags for Pedestrian Safety

Give Out Candy (Smarties, Dum-Dums, Lifesavers, etc.)

Traffic Safety Signs

Invite A Guest Speaker
(Local Law Enforcement, Paramedic, Crash Victim, etc.)

Articles or Advertisements
(In Print or Online)

Library Display of Stories That Involve a Crash

Concessions Coupons

Pledge Card Signing and Red Thumb Event
(Paint a Thumbnail Red as a Reminder to Drive Without Using Your Phone)

Sign a big SAFE pledge poster


Nicole Allensworth (Texting and Driving)
Joe White (Underage Drinking)
Jared Estes (Drunk Driving Victim)
Garry Parker (Defensive Driving)
Karen Williams  STEP Classes
In this six-part series, Karen Williams takes teens on a journey to explain how biology and changes in their brain affects everything in their lives - especially the challenges hey face as they learn to drive safely.


More Ideas:

Show traffic safety PSAs
Put a traffic safety message on your school's marquee sign
Seatbelt "fire drill" game
Put flyers or sticky notes on windshields during classes or at a school event
Adopt-A-Highway program
Drive a golf cart or remote control cars while wearing drunk goggles or texting
Put traffic safety notes on lockers

Kansas' Graduated Driver's License video
Make and wear duct tape seatbelts

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