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SAFE Educational Activities

Student to Student

Thumb rings (anti-texting and driving)
Give candy kisses for signing pledge card
Hand out Smarties and Dum-Dums or Lifesavers candy
Traffic safety note posted on lockers
"Belt-On Day" (make and wear duct tape seatbelts)

Student to Student Body

Booster to Belts Program
Guest Speaker (paramedic, law enforcement, crash victim)
ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City
ThinkFirst of Topeka
ThinkFirst of Wichita
Texting & driving obstacle course with golf carts
ThinkFast Interactive
Joe White "My Story"
Jared Estes
The Gideon Family
Nicole Allensworth
Graduated Driver license Video
Show traffic safety videos/PSA (breakfast, lunch, home room, seminar)
Drive remote control cars with "drunk goggles"
Seatbelt "fire drill"
Article or ad in the school newsletter, yearbook, newspaper, website
Safety Break!
School Bus Safety
School Bus Stop Arm Law

School to Community

Mock Trial Script
Messages on the marquee sign at your school
Flyers or sticky notes on windshields during school or at athletic/school event
Seatbelt check at athletic/school events with friendly reminders to buckle up
Booth/table at athletic/school event
Distracted Driving Calendar - Social Media Messages
New School Press Release
Returning School Press Release

Student to Student Body & School to Community

SAFE event (school wide or community)
Highway Patrol Convincer/Rollover simulator
Vince and Larry costumes
Traffic safety poster in school & around town
RIDE Program


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