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The Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office offers a variety of materials for use in your educational programs. 

Materials and resources are free of charge. 

The KTSRO materials order form includes informational brochures, posters and fliers, as well as pens, pencils, key chains and other giveaways. 

Materials Order Form

Sample Materials

RIDE is a multi-faceted approach at teaching teens the dangers and possible consequences of intoxicated driving, alcohol abuse and driving distractions. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers, and many of these deaths could be prevented by paying closer attention to the task at hand- driving.

For more information, click here.

RIDE Order Form

Everybody's favorite dummies, Vince and Larry, are here to help spread the message to "buckle up."  Use the Crash Test Dummies uniforms to liven up your educational traffic safety event. 

Vince and Larry Check-out Order Form

"Fatal Vision" goggles are available for use in educational programs.  These goggles give individuals the opportunity to see through the eyes of impairment.  

Impaired Vision Goggles Check-out Order Form

Safety Break! is a program that is geared towards youth ages 9-13, or grades 4-8. The game-based program, which meets several state health education standards, provides 5 days worth of 15 minutes lessons covering areas of: occupant protection, in and around car safety, aggressive and drowsy driving, road dangers (driving around animals, bad weather, etc) and underage alcohol use prevention. The program partners with a Kansas specific on-line multi-player video game, Kansas Challenge, which was created just for the Safety Break! program. 

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Safety Break! Order Form

Driver Education Toolkit was designed in partnership with the Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles, Kansas Department of Education, Kansas Driver Safety Education Association and the Kansas Highway Patrol.  The kit will be used primarily for driver’s education parent meetings, presentations at service organization and local community groups.

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Driver Education Toolkit Order Form

If you have questions about any of the materials or resources available for order or check-out, please contact KTSRO at 800-416-2522 for more information.


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