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Older Drivers



2017 Traffic Safety Facts  - Older Drivers

In 2017, individuals age 65 and older made up 18 percent of all traffic fatalities. There were 43.6 million licensed older drivers in 2017 - a 35-percent increase from 10 years earlier (2008). Older drivers made up 19 percent of all licensed drivers in 2017, compared to 15 percent in 2008.

Medical Conditions and Driving Brochure

It's All About Safety Brochure

Seasoned Driver Warning Signs

  • More close calls

  • Failure to use turn signal

  • Drifting into other lanes

  • Difficulty paying attention

  • Driving on wrong side of road

  • Misses turns

  • Confusion between gas and brake pedals

  • Gets lost more often

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