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Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
Upcoming Training

Training Program Overview

The TSRP program offers various training and educational opportunities to prosecutors’ offices, law enforcement agencies, judges and community organizations. Trainings can be adapted to meet the needs of the audience. 
Request training for your organization by completing the following steps:
Step 1: Determine the kind of training you need.
Step 2: Review the Upcoming Training to see if a scheduled training event will meet your needs.
Step 3: Determine the date range and location for your training. Confirm that your location is available.
Step 4: Email Corey Kenney to request training, he will work with you and your agency to design and deliver the training.


DUI Webinar Training
The DUI 101 series is specifically geared towards new prosecutors and prosecutors new to DUI.

If you missed a training session, please send an email request to receive a link to the recording of that session. The following sessions are available:

  • Masking

  • Vehicle in Motion, Personal Contact, & SFSTs

  • Introduction to Toxicology

  • Introduction to Breath Testing

  • Introduction to Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE)

  • Prosecuting a DUI-Drug Case

  • Jury Selection

  • Closing Arguments

    Specific dates for future webinar training sessions will be released once they are finalized. To receive the most current information and updates, please sign up to receive the Weekly DUI Update email. This email is sent out each Friday and covers recent appellate court decisions, current issues in impaired driving enforcement and prosecution, as well as upcoming training opportunities. To sign up for the Weekly DUI Update email just send an email with your request.

Law Enforcement

KS DUI Lethal Weapon
Coming this Fall, this year's class will feature lead instructors Dr. John Kwasnoski, Professor Emeritus of Forensic Physics at Western New England University, and Jim Camp, Staff Attorney for NTLC and former Tennessee TSRP.
This will be a power packed three days of great information on crash investigation, crash reconstruction, and crash prosecution. The class is open to both prosecutors and law enforcement officers.
FREE, & lunch provided each day.

FREE Lodging and Meals avaialble on a first come first serve basis. All participants will be provided with lunch on each training day. To take advantage of free lodging, please check the "Add-ons" box under KLETC Meals and Lodging, then add the course to your shopping cart and register!!


October 4-6, 2021
Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center


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