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Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor




This web site contains a number of publications and other materials that may be of interest to various professional and community organizations concerned with traffic safety. These resources are freely available to everyone. You may simply download and use them. However, I offer some additional resources that contain information that I prefer to share only with prosecutors and law enforcement officers. To access these resources, simply email me to request them.

I also respond to both verbal and written inquiries from prosecutors and law enforcement regarding traffic crimes, court procedures, recent changes to law, defense challenges, etc. In addition, I help conduct legal research on a variety of issues unique to Kansas for use in legal memoranda, at hearings, trial or on appeal. These issues include:

  • DUI Legal Update

  • Common Defense Tactics/Defenses for DUI

  • Report Writing & Trial Preparation

  • DUI Search Warrant/ “No Refusal”

  • Underage Drinking Enforcement

  • Courtroom Testimony

  • Visual DUI Trial Presentation

  • DUI Legal Refresher

  • Ignition Interlock

  • Combatting DUI Test Refusal

  • Masking – CDL DUI and Traffic offenses

  • Introduction to DUI

  • DUI Investigation: Vehicle in Motion

  • DUI Investigation: Personal Contact

  • DUI Investigation: SFSTs

  • DUI Prosecution: Closing Arguments

  • DUI Prosecution: Jury Selection

  • DUI Prosecution: Partners in Justice 

  • DUI Prosecution: Sentencing

  • Prosecuting DUI-Drug Cases

Special Note for Prosecutors

Prosecuting a DUI can be one of the most difficult cases to take to trial. They involve a wide range of evidence, including eyewitness testimony, documentation and other physical evidence, scientific evidence, lay witnesses, expert witnesses, etc. Part of my job is to help ease the burden of Kansas prosecutors and I am available for all type of trial preparation.  Whether it is predicate questions, case review, or preparing briefs, I am happy to provide assistance.

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