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Driver Education Toolkit

The toolkit was designed in partnership with the Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Department of Revenue, Kansas State Department of Education, Safe Kids Kansas and the Kansas Highway Patrol.  The kit will be used primarily for driver’s education parent meetings, presentations at service organization and local community groups.

Funding for the project was provided by Kansas Department of Transportation and State Farm.

Binder & PowerPoint Presentation

  • KS Graduated Driver’s License

  • Stages of licensing

  • Restrictions

  • Distractions

Resource Materials
Kansas Laws regarding occupant protection, DUI, Distracted Driving, and GDL

Kansas Curricular Standards for Driver Education
Standard 1: Introduction to Novice Drivers

  • Benchmark 2: The student will be introduced to the licensing requirements of Kansas

  • Will be exposed to the different Kansas licenses available

Your Guide to the Road
A workbook to help parents effectively supervise their teens' driving practice. 8 section that include:

  • The Basics

  • Parking Lots

  • Residential Roads

  • Intermediate Roads

  • Commercial Roads

  • Highways

  • Country Roads

  • Additional Challenges

Also included is a Teen Driving Experience Log to record all practice hours.

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