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About Us

The Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office is a program of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Traffic Safety Section and DCCCA, Inc. DCCCA's mission is to provides social and community services that improve the safety, health and well-being of those they serve.  The mission of KTSRO is to provide public information and education to protect Kansans from avoidable injury or death on Kansas roadways.

KTSRO works with KDOT, Kansas Highway Patrol, law enforcement agencies, the Kansas Drivers Safety Education Association, Kansas Safe Kids Coalitions, the Kansas Family Partnership and other agencies and community sources, such as local schools and SADD groups. Together with its partners, KTSRO focuses on measures dealing with novice drivers, increasing seat belt use, preventing drunken driving and underage drinking and raising motorcycle safety awareness.

For more information about services, materials and education provided through the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office, please contact us at 800-416-2522 or ktsro@dccca.org.

Norraine Wingfield 
Program Director 
CPS Instructor 
Ext. 209 
Email: nwingfield@dccca.org

Andrea Bradbury
SAFE Administrative Assistant
Ext. 203
Email: abradbury@dccca.org
SAFE program, Mailings, Data

Brenda Courtois
Administrative Assistant
CPS Technician
Ext. 201
Email: bcourtois@dccca.org
Motorcycles, Orders, Mailings, Car Seat Checks

Laura Moore
Traffic Safety Specialist
State SAFE Coordinator  
Ext. 208
Email: lmoore@dccca.org

Amanda Horner
Traffic Safety Specialist
CPS Instructor
Ext. 206
Email: ahorner@dccca.org
Minority, Employer Programs, Youth & Teen Programs

Tenille Kimberlin    
Records Specialist   
Ext. 214  
Email: tkimberlin@dccca.org
Registrations, Car Seat Order, Website, Data


Tim McCool
Traffic Safety Specialist
CPS Instructor
Ext. 211
Email: tmccool@dccca.org
Child Passenger Safety, CPS Inspection Station, Youth & Teen Programs

Alex Wiebel
Traffic Safety Specialist
Ext. 205
Email: awiebel@dccca.org
Communications, Newsletters, Social Media, Web Resources


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