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Child Passenger Safety

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American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines


As a general rule, winter coats should not be worn underneath the harness of a car seat. A bulky coat under a child seat harness can result in the harness being too loose to be effective in a crash. Here is a simple way to check if your child's coat is too big to wear under their harness, as well as what you can do test if it's too big:

  • Put the coat on your child, sit them in the child seat and fasten the harness. Tighten the harness until you can no longer pinch any of the harness webbing with your thumb and forefinger.

  • Without loosening the harness, remove your child from the child seat.

  • Take the coat off, and put your child back in the child seat and buckle the harness straps, which are still adjusted as they were when he was wearing the coat. 

  • If you can now pinch the webbing between your thumb and forefinger, then the coat is too bulky to be worn under the harness.

If you find that the coat can not be safely worn under the harness, here are a couple things you can do to keep your child safe and warm in his/her child seat.

  • After securing your child in his/her child seat, turn the coat around and put it on backward with their arms through the arm holes and the back of the coat acting like a blanket.

  • Lay a blanket over your child to keep him/her warm.


Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children, due in large part to the nonuse or improper use of child safety seats and seat belts.  Child safety seats and booster seats save lives.  They offer the absolute best protection for children in the event of a crash.


Child Restraint Re-use After Minor Crashes

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your child’s safety seat. Some manufacturers always recommend that a child safety seat be replaced after any crash.Contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Current Crash Guidelines


Tips for correct installation and safe travel

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A parent's guide to playing it safe with kids and cars.


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Questions from People like YOU:

What is the life span of a car seat?
Every car seat is required to have an expiration date. Typically, seats last 6 years, but every seat is different. Always check your car seat's manual.

What if I have a two year old who is to big for his car seat, can they use the booster seat or do we still have to try to use the car seat?
If a child is too big for their current car seat, by weight or height, that seat is no longer appropriate. We recommend using a combination forward facing seat that typically has higher limited harnesses to use as long as possible before changing to a booster seat.

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